Silent Disco Rentals in Duluth & Minneapolis, MN

If you live or work in Duluth or Minneapolis, MN, you might be thinking about hiring some entertainment for an upcoming event. Whether you’ve got a momentous occasion in your personal or professional life, you should contact Sounds Unlimited Entertainment and ask about our silent disco services.

What is a silent disco, you ask? A silent disco is a special event where you dance and party along with a soundtrack of your choice. What’s different about it is that you and all your guests are wearing wireless headphones, and you listen to piped-in music. You have three different musical styles to choose from that our highly-skilled, professional DJs spin for you.

A silent disco is a great idea because:

  • Since it’s quiet, you won’t disturb your neighbors with huge speakers and booming music
  • It’s suitable for many different occasions
  • Each guest can control the volume and style of music they want

Sounds Unlimited Entertainment is pleased to bring you this unique way to have fun that your guests are sure to remember and smile about for many years to come. This can be a feature that you add to any event, such as a wedding, graduation party, family reunion, etc.

We’re the best company to contact if you’re ready to try out a silent disco because we’ve been in business serving and entertaining the Duluth and Minneapolis communities for more than thirty years. You can make us a part of your fundraising or corporate event, and you’ll love our professionalism. We can definitely accommodate any request to customize your silent disco experience so you’ll be a satisfied customer every time.

We get consistently great feedback from our silent discos and all our other services as well. That’s why we’re so well-known and respected with the Minneapolis and Duluth communities. We love coming up with ways to entertain you, and a silent disco to which you add specialty lighting for atmosphere is a party that everyone will want to attend.

Now’s the time for you to find out how much fun a silent disco from Sounds Unlimited Entertainment can be. Our prices are affordable, so reach out and get a quote today.