DJ for Hire & Pricing Information

Always competitive with packages to fit your vision. Please, contact us for more information

Yes, it is a must.

Online planning forms with 24 hour access. Plus, full time office coordinators, for sit-down consultations.

Why should we hire Sounds Unlimited?
Our staff makes the difference and has been performing memorable events for more than 25 years.

Do you have back DJ’s and equipment?
Absolutely. When working with an agency team, there is always an experienced member on call for any emergency. Plus, we have our own personal warehouse with top-of-the-line equipment – Rane, JBL, Shure, Chauvet, and EV, to name a few.

What experience does the DJ have?
Attending seminars annually and working with a team that executes more than 500 event ever year, we have hands-on experience and ideas that are endless.

How are shows guaranteed?
Having a DJ that loves what they do, is what makes the difference between a good show and a GREAT CELEBRATION. Complete satisfaction.

Have you done a show at my event location?
Yes. Serving the entire Twin Ports and Twin Cities area since 1987, let us share what we have seen at your favorite location. Maybe we have ideas for places you’ve never considered, call and find out more. (pictures could be from the video which shows most of the rooms in the area)